Fassara Zuwa Hausa

Dark Fantasies (preview) (Preview)

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EMILY Wriggled out of Dr Mark’s arms, she checked the time on her phone it was 2am in the morning, she smiled as she examined Mark once more, though the room was dark, she could trace out his muscle body, she could swear there was no trace of fat, he had the perfect height, his gentle snoring was sweet to her ears, she longed the trace his jawline and caress his moustache as she had done a few hours ago but she refrained.

Gently she got up and used her phone’s light to gather her things, her bra was hanging on the bed post, her other clothes were farther as she and Dr Mark had hauled things away in urgency. She tiptoed the washroom to clean up and put on her clothes and left the tap running. She came back to room, stood over Dr Mark’s sleeping body and watched the measured rise and fall of his chest, the sweet and gentle rythm of his breath which contrasted harshly to the way he handled her recently with such expertise that she was left wondering if she had imagined his shy and timid attitude in the few times they had met.

She took his phone and deleted every trace of herself, from her number to call log entry to messages, blackberry contact and photos, she dropped the phone and quitely left not glancing back once.