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Bound By Her Bump (Preview)


Annie and Ella made random jokes as they do the dishes together. They've been best friends since preschool. The two grown up ladies see themselves as sisters and not best friends anymore. Annie cannot imagine her life without Ella in it and the same goes for Ella who have always wondered what life will be like if Annie wasn’t her Best friend.

"Thanks for the food Ann. You're an amazing cook." Ella said before she walked out of the Kitchen.

"You're welcome Sis." Annie replied as she walked out of the kitchen with a small tray in her hand. The tray contained two glasses of Ellàs favourite fruit juice

Annie walked towards Ella who was seating on her favourite couch and gave her a glass of juice. Then she took the other glass and gently took a seat on a single brown couch opposite Ella.

It was almost night time and they had spent the whole Sunday in Annie's house.

Annie Davis is a very beautiful and independent woman. She's twenty five. She's a Beautician and currently owns a beauty parlour called Ann's Home. Her beauty parlour offers different types of beauty services like hair styling, makeovers, nail services which include manicure and pedicure, spa services, waxing and other beauty treatments. She had quite a large number of customers who patronized her so one could say that Annie runs a successful business.

Alongside being the owner of a beauty parlour, Annie is also a part time Vlogger. She started making YouTube videos out of boredom and it turned to something she cannot do without. She is known for uploading amazing contents on her channel and that makes her subscribers yarn for more videos.

Being a Vlogger made Annie a little bit popular and she never fails to advertise her business on her YouTube page which is one of the reasons why her beauty parlour is always flooded with customers especially on weekends.

Annie's Dad passed away when she was Nine years old. Her Mother, Angela remarried and now she has two younger siblings Claire and Jayden. They are twins and they're Fourteen years old. Despite the age difference, Annie had always loved her younger brother and sister. In all, Annie is a loving and easy going person.