Fassara Zuwa Hausa

Diamond and Stones (Preview)



In life, you may be blessed with the privilege of meeting very rare gems that make your existence worthwhile. When you meet them, they may even be too unassuming to know that they have impacted you more than you may have impacted them. I have been blessed to meet one of such people. Allow me present Ejiro Emenike Ukaumune, one of the greatest storytellers of our generation. 

Ukaumune's professionalism and constant hunger for excellence are two qualities that have made her so easy to both teach and learn from. She is one dynamic, multitalented woman who I have watched in awe for years. Often, I would sing my admiration to her, but even my words never did enough justice. Consequently, it is my utmost honour to tell her story.

Ukaumune has never demanded this fondness for her that is deepened with every single interaction; on the contrary, she earns it effortlessly. Her selflessness and depth of love when not holding the pen are reflective in her writing. 

From the warmth of her heart exudes great stories that take the mind to fantasies once untold, places never before visited, paths never before crossed. She is one storyteller whose sole focus is somehow magically, yet simultaneously placed on the reader and the character. Through her storytelling, she has exhibited desire, determination, and dedication without all the bells and whistles. 

Ukaumune will hold your heart captive through her unique storytelling techniques. With each story, she will share pieces of her beautiful heart, leaving you wanting more. I am pleased to be a reader who has been blessed with an inexplicable connection through this unique form of storytelling. You are about to experience a woman who has worked tirelessly to give of herself. Her adventure with storytelling is one you too will soon be addicted to, through “DIAMOND AND SSTONES” and will perhaps one day hope to get the rare priviledge of being a part of.

- Gloria Maduka


DIAMOND and STONES' is a Fiction Story that is built on the Life and encounter of the main Character, Trisha. As a personal journey through the unknown, various occurrences are depicted through other characterizations and plots in the Book. At a point where I thought the story had ended, I felt the urge for more expressions, there was more to tell in this Story.